About EPICurious JOURNEY

My name is Sophie and I am an explorer.
I travel the world with an open mind and heart, in order to discover new flavors, habits and mindsets. blog-picture

I have studied business in 5 different cities all around the world and lived in 4 different countries, but I couldn’t stop there. My parents thought that after that I would settled, but it was just the beginning.

I was born and raised in Paris by Portuguese parents, which automatically opened my mind to different perspectives and cultural particularities. It has always been fascinating to me to see how a culture has the ability to impact not only our vision and behaviors, but also our perceptions. How can poor people seem so happy, while Parisians can be so bored in the city of love?
So I decided to go exploring and discover for myself the different ways of doing, feeling and loving.

This blog is dedicated to sharing what I have learned along these journeys.
I wanted it to be epic, curious and epicurean too. As you will soon read, my passion for good food and unique ingredients is a driving force behind these trips.

I hope you will find here inspiration, answers and somehow happiness.

Bonne découverte!



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