Lets get ready for Pie Day!

Today is Pie Day. Why ?

Because March 14th : 03/14 : 3.14

So guess what’s for dinner for me tonight… 3,14 pies! …Kinda…

Here are my favorite pie recipes for 2017. They are easy to do, don’t require too many ingredients, and are absolutely delicious!

Alsatian Onion Pie
Creamy, salty and naturally sweetened by the onions, this pie is a dream of simplicity and flavours! It is not the traditional Flammenkuche that we find at the border of France and Germany but it is more… generous! Enjoy with a fresh lettuce salad on the side and a glass of riesling.


Sweet Potato, Goat Cheese, and Chorizo Pie
Isn’t your mouth already watering? Mine is ready for the feast! The sweet potato, goat cheese and chorizo come together here in perfect harmony.It’s sweet and salty, crispy and creamy. Again, you might want to add some salad on the side because this pie is so rich that it will put you to sleep in minutes.


Traditional Northern French Beer Pie (sweet)
It might sound weird but this pie makes a delicious dessert and not only for beer lovers. Try with some coffee and picture your self in the north of France!


Mini Margarita tarts (for the .14)
They are mini, they are tasty and they are boozy. Nothing better to celebrate than one of this treats. Don’t forget to chew, even if it tastes like margarita!


Happy #PieDay !



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