How to use Hibiscus syrup? AKA EPICurious Pantry Bissap Juice

Hibiscus syrup is THE flavour of February. No matter if you are celebrating Love – aka Valentine’s Day – or Black History Month, this ingredient is perfect!

Widely used throughout Africa (and probably originating from there), the hibiscus flower became a staple in some countries like Senegal where Bissap Juice – cold sweet hibiscus tea – became the national drink!
But besides its addictive sweet & sour flavour, the deep dark pink color makes it an amazing visual and gustative tool in your kitchen. It is an absolute pleasure to play with!

Here are a few examples on how to have some fun and make unique drinks and dishes.

1 – Hibiscus tea punch


Refreshing and exotic! Exactly what all of your garden parties need.

2 – Midnight hibiscus kiss


The perfect choice for a romantic night. This cocktail is easy, delicious, exciting and totally PINK. Works also for a classy girls night 🙂

3 – Coffee and hibiscus spareribs


An interesting twist to your usual summer barbecues. Be bold and impress everybody with this unique and mouth-watering recipe.

4 –  Hibiscus rosemary chicken


Another alternative to a good old classic. Your chicken breast with a nice twist!

5 – Panna cotta with hibiscus syrup


A simple classic desert with a pretty and flavourful addition. The flavours are so perfect together that it feels like hibiscus and panna cotta are soul mates!

6 – Boozy hibiscus popsicles


Yes you can do it!
– Do I really need to add anything ?

You are ready to enjoy this exquisite and versatile ingredient.
Go have fun with it!

For those who subscribed to the February EPICurious Pantry box, use the Bissap Juice as a substitute for the Hibiscus Syrup. We hope you enjoy and would love to know what you are doing with it! So, please share it with us and spread the love 🙂


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