How do I use Razel’hanout ?

Razel’hanout is a North African curry. Exotic, delicate and flavorful it also has the advantage to not be hot or salty which makes it a very versatile spice blend.

Here are 6 ideas on how to use it:


  1. Roasted veggie soup – Moroccan way

It’s the season!
It’s cold outside and you have been thinking about a good healthy/earthy soup. Here it is 🙂
And for those who are bored of soup, you should still give it a try. Thanks to the Razel’hanout, the flavours are unique and magical.


2. Traditional sweet lamb tajine – Mrouzia –

Mrouzia is an emblematic dish from Morocco than is tradionaly cooked during a religious celebration. But it is so good, comforting and flavorful that you will want to have it more than once a year.
If you are looking for a unique dish to show off at your next dinner, you found it!
A little EXTRA: this recipe is illustrated by a video made by the amazing Moroccan Alia.

Capture d_écran 2017-01-10 à 12.23.30

3. Razel’hanout flavoured chicken wraps

What an easy  way to spice up a boring chicken wrap! Simple, quick and delicious; that’s a keeper.


4. Exotic popcorn – razel’hanout and chocolate

Popcorn is always good. But this one brings you to another level. The combination of Razel’hanout and the chocolate creates the perfect alliance for your popcorn to be unforgettable.

sweet and spicy popcorn

5. Traditional Razel’hanout cookies

Here is another traditional recipe for razel’hanout. Very simple and easy to make, these cookies are fairly representative of Moroccan gastronomie.
Feel free to add a teaspoon or so of razel’hanout to your own favorite cookie recipe and create unique/surprising cookies for your next party!


6. Unique and delicious Razel’hanout ice cream

Last but not least: the amazing razel’hanout ice cream. For the most adventurous ice cream makers, here is a recipe that should wake up your taste buds and curiosity.
If you have an ice cream maker, get to work! I heard it is fabulous on the top of a warm apple or pumpkin pie.


For those who already received their January EPICurious Pantry box, have fun!

Feel free to let me know what your thoughts are about the Razel’hanout and what original creations you have lost yourself in 🙂 We always love to hear about it!



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