Halloween in a hurry!

Halloween is my favorite celebration of the year.
I get all excited, creative and crafty when I realize all of the options that I have.
Something funny or something scary? Nasty or spooky decorations? And what’s new this year ??

Well, this year I won’t be able to celebrate since I will be on a plane.
I got a little sad but then decided to help others that maybe didn’t think about celebrating Halloween to do it!
In order to limit the excuses for not celebrating, the theme this year will be:
>> How to organize a Halloween party in no time?

First you need to invite some friends.
You can quickly send some nice invitation emails with this very simple design from Katy Fenwick.
vampire halloween card Then you can prepare in advance some easy decoration.
Halloween jarsThe day before, you can start a Halloween sangria.

Black Halloween Sangria

For the Halloween night, start the meal with some deviled eggs. It is simple, quick, easy to make and most of all, everybody loves it.

Halloween eggs

Stop in a grocery store to buy a lasagna, some shredded white cheese and tomato sauce too. Before your guests arrive, you just have to spread some tomato sauce on the top of the lasagna and sprinkle some cheese in order to draw a face like in the picture. Cook it and when ready just add 2 black olives for the eyes.
If you have more time, the recipe is here.

Halloween lasagna

Finally, you will need a nice desert to eat in front of a good horror movie.
What about some rice crispy ghosts on a stick?rice krispie bars halloween ghostsSee, I told you it would be fast.
So now, no more excuses! Go celebrate halloween for me 🙂


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