The Majorelle Garden in Marrakech – a MUST in such buzzing city!

The Majorelle Gardens
->    The Majorelle Gardens

Marrakech can really be an overwhelming city!
The sounds, the smell, the sellers trying to catch your attention everywhere, …
When visiting this city, you NEED a safe and relaxing place when all of the stress gets released. With no hesitation, this place is the Majorelle garden.

Majorelle Gardens Marrakech

This garden was conceived by a French artist: Jacques Majorelle. In 1919 he moves to Marrakech and fells in love with the scenery. Few years later, he buys a piece of land and decides to build his garden as a living piece of art. He brings exotic plants from all over the world and organises it in harmony with several fountains, pounds and colorful ceramics.

Majorelle Gardens Marrakech

But Majorelle didn’t give his name only to his garden. The artist also designed in 1937 a very unique type of blue intense but not dark, energetic but not electric: the Majorelle blue.

The "Majorelle bleue" vase
->    “Majorelle bleue” vase

This color is very present in the garden due to the ceramics that he painted or in blue or in a bright yellow that enhances perfectly the beauty of this cobalt creation. However, it is his house that represents the best the Majorelle blue since the painter covered it with his creation.

The house
->    Majorelle’s house and workshop

Nowadays the house belongs to the foundation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurant. They took care of the garden when Majorelle died in 1962 and changed the artist workshop into a Berber museum.

Majorelle Gardens Marrakech The entrance keeps getting more expensive every year (50 dirhams in 2014 vs 70 dirhams in 2015) but it is still worth the money.
The atmosphere is extremely peaceful and the beauty of the colors transports you to another universe both exotic and enchanting.

The water lily's pond
->   The water lily’s pond

Plus, if you are a student, show your id! Even though it’s not written, they have special prices: usually 50% off.

Try to find the frogs !
->    Try to find the frogs !

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