The Hammam experience in Marrakech

Like I said in another post, Morocco is a country of traditions.
One of them is still very present in the culture: the Hammam. Besides the obvious relaxing aim of such dispositive in foreigners mind, there is another reason why Hammams are so popular and present all over the country.

In fact, a lot of moroccans still don’t have running water at home which makes pretty difficult basic hygiene daily habits such has going to the toilet of getting a shower. That is the reason why the king order by law that district all over the country should have Hammams available for everybody for a set price of 10 dirhams for man and 15 for women (that have this annoying habit all over the world to stay longer in the shower than men).
The king also made sure that everybody would have access to public bathrooms and shared oven since they still are too expensive for most families. 

Spa Mains de fée
However for this price you get to take care of you skin by yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always happy to go deep into the culture when I travel. But since I didn’t know how to do it properly (and it’s pretty hard to ask around what are the steps to follow in a hammam – the main raiso, being that it’s too obvious for them), I just chose to go to a spa and learn from a local.
Mains de fée
The spa that I chose was “Mains de fées“.
I didn’t chose it because it sounds fancy (fairy hands) but because the offer was very complete and the price very competitive. Moreover, I was very nicely surprised when I saw how beautiful and clean the place was.
But most important, I know now how to do a hammam in Morocco properly!

The first step is to get naked (or extremely close, so don’t be shy). It might sound obvious when you think about taking a shower, but it can be pretty destabilizing when you are not alone in the shower!
Anyways, once the disturbing feeling goes away, you can take a first shower with warm water in the hammam.

Step 2: cover yourself with “black soap”, let it stay for 5 minutes or more depending on how  confortable you feel. Be careful to not put some in your eyes.

 ->  Black soap from the market
-> Black soap from the market

The “black soap” is one of the oldest soaps. It’s 100% natural since it’s made out of oil, black olives dried on salt and potassium. It works like a scrubbing lotion adapted to all types of skins even the more sensitive onces. this natural cleanser is also known for the softness and the protection that it bring to the skin and is very rich in E vitamin.

Step 3: You can rince it and start scrubbing your body with an exfoliating glove. The skin and dirt should come off by it self.

Step 4: The “ghassoul” mask, a local clay from the Atlas mountain that acts like a natural cleanser for body and hair. Cover yourself generously with this mixture and wait as long as you want/can still relaxing in the hammam. When ready, you can rince it and go!

Of course men and women are separated in the hammam. However, one of the advantages of doing it in a spa like Mains de Fées is that you can requested to be with your partner in a private hammam.

Mains de fée

The other plus is that you also get to try a marvelous all body massage with pure argan oil by a graduate masseuse that seriously have fairy hands! And other services has special face treatments, manucure and waxing are available.

A 5 stars experience enhance by the hospitality and the kindness of the hosts that for once didn’t has for any tip and the atmosphere and gorgeous decor also adds to this treat.

 ->   Prices and offer at Mains de fée
-> Prices and offer at Mains de fée

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