The eucalyptus miracle!

It is literally impossible walk around spice shops in Marrakech without having every single sellers trying to make you smell their marchandise.

The good part of it is that between 2 sneezes, you can actually find some treasures.
That’s what happened to us with this eucalyptus crystals.

Eucalyptus cristals
->    Eucalyptus crystals

It is a concentrate of eucalyptus essence in a dry form that you can smell the way it is. However, mix one or two little piece of crystal onto hot water and you have a powerful concoction able to clear the most blocked sinuses! It is so strong that I actually recommend to close your eyes when inhaling it in order to avoid the burn.

If you like minty flavor, you can also mix a microscopic amount of it into some hot milk and drink with a spoon of honey. It is a great help if you have a flu.

Finally, if you feel soar and your body is painful, drop some crystals on you bath and relax there while the essence works. It will relive the pain and help with the illness feeling.


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