Security and money in Marrakech

Marrakech might seem like a jumble but everything is actually very organized and the government does its best to keep it safe.
The main square for example and most of its littles markets : “souks” are equipped with cameras.
You will also see policemans all over the city keeping an eye on tourists: they are just the top of the iceberg. There are actually thousands of police officers spread all over Marrakech streets. You don’t see them because they are dressed as civilians. However, if you notice a man with a radio on his belt, he might be one of them.

With the drastic rise of tourism, the most talented pick pockets of the area moved to the city too. Moroccan government is trying to protect tourists and limit the problems but you need to be aware that you are not the only one keeping an eye in your precious wallet and that following strangers (including kids) is rarely a good idea, even if you are lost or if they want to show you Alibaba’s treasure. Don’t be scared to say no 10 times with a smile on your face.

DirhamsAs for the money, I would recommend you to change it directly at the airport. The rates are usually pretty good. However, be aware that you should withdraw only the amount you are planing on using!

Indeed, it can be pretty hard to change dirhams back to your currency. First you will need to show a proof that  the dirhams where bought (keep your receipt). Secondly, the minimum amount is 60 dirhams. Finally, you can only change it at the Marrakech airport.


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