Marrakech and its unexpected fauna …

Besides the usual monkeys and snakes that are display for tourists in the main square of Marrakech, there are some other unexpected creatures in the city.

One of the first things that caught our attention in Marrakech was the enormous amount of straight cats it the streets eating trash.
Like Paris has its pigeons and Toronto its raccoons, Marrakech seems to have adopted cats to clean their streets…

cat chicken head

The funny thing is that they seem perfectly integrated in locals life. You can see them cruising freely around chilling on some caliph’s tomb or taking a shameless nap on somebody’s marchandise!

cat sleeping

Getting lost around all these extricate alleys brought us to some weird discoveries such as this green chicken…
Green chicken

And the markets’ labyrinth introduced us to this gorgeous falcon.

Or even some dead shark ?!?

Shark Marrakech

Little bonus, these cute chameleons playing around tinny turtles that you cross close to every herbalist… I just hope they are not used for sexual help purposes :s

PS: Still missing this day: dogs. They seem to have lost a battle in Marrakech…


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