Moroccan king spice : the raz el hanout

The most famous and probably the tastiest Moroccan mix of spices is the raz el hanout.

SpicesIts translation is “head spice” which means the main spice of the shop. And in fact, it is the most important mix since it is the one that you can use with everything!
Moroccans joke a lot about it, saying that it is the mix for people that don’t know how to cook because no matter what you do, you just have to add some raz el hanout to make it taste good.
Meat, fish, BBQ, stews, soups and even fruits, cakes, butter, spreads, … everything goes with raz el hanout! Why ? Probably because it has every spice in it.

Just take a look at the ingredients’ list:

  • cardamom
  • mace
  • galangal
  • nutmeg
  • Jamaican chili spice
  • cinnamon
  • long pepper
  • turmeric
  • cloves
  • ginger
  • black pepper
  • lavender
  • rose buds
  • Chinese cinnamon
  • white ginger
  • Spanish fly powder
  • ash fruit
  • belladonna berries
  • black cumin
  • “kherouâ”
  • “qebaba”
  • “hil el habachi”
  • “gouza el asnab”
  • “oud lamber”
  • “tara soudania”
  • “gouza sahraouia”

It’s probably better to buy it already mixed, don’t you think?


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