A Pearl in Marrakech: Cafe Clock

As a tourist, Marrakech can be disorienting and the constant negotiation for any information or help can be very tiring.

But that’s ok because we found just what every tourist needs: a safe place that shares all the local food and culture with the right information, honest prices and genuine interest on doing things right.

Cafe Clock menu

The Cafe Clock was founded by a British expatriate that wanted to create a space where western people could connect with arabic culture. Thanks to his initiative, the café offers several cultural activities such as:

  • live music
  • calligraphy classes
  • cooking classes
  • story telling sessions

Basically, everything you might want to discover with the locals!

The place is pretty and cosy, and you can enjoy a nice rooftop too.
As for the food, everything looks delicious, colorful and the smell is absolutely enchanting.
Café Clock

We tried the camel burger made with camel meat and serve with harissa sauce. It comes with a side of french fries and a Moroccan green salad. Don’t miss the lemony mayo that is to die for!
The meal was devine and extremely filling for 100 dirhams.

With the burger, we tried the date and almond milkshake that will keep haunting my dreams until I succeed in copying the recipe!
Café Clock Smothies

We also stayed for story telling night. Stories are told in both Arabic and English.
Storytellers are part of the treasures of Arabic culture. They used to travel all over the country, spreading captivating stories and making a good living out of it. Today, this traditional art is disappearing and Café Clock gives these storytellers a place to perform and keep teaching this profession, part of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity according to UNESCO.

Cafe Clock StorytellingIt was a wonderful experience and I hope you will get a chance to see it too!
Check there website for more information here.


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