Marrakech and its 1001 sweets

In Morocco, like in many arabic countries, these little tea cakes are not just a piece of food; they are mainly a piece of art!

Marrakech Cakes

They share usually a common base of nuts, oil and honey. Then, everybody embellish its recipe with aromas, essences, fruits and spices.

Some will chose to add orange blossom and others rose water.
Some will prefer cinnamon and others cardamom.
Some will opt for figs and others for dates.
What is sure, is that every family has its own secret mix and they are all very unique.
Marrakech Cakes 3Besides the taste part, these cakes are also made to be admired. Each piece has been worked by hand and each artist/pâtissier gives a special design to there creations.
They conceive unique mixes of ingredient and craft unique frames for it: like a beautiful and flavorful jewelry case.

Marrakech Cakes 2

The colors, the shapes, the textures, the flavors, the smell, … All is made to bewitch your eyes and then your mouth.

Sold for only 30


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