Marrakech’s survival tips

Koutoubia Marrakech

  • Be aware that in Marrakech, pretty much everything seem to have a price. If somebody helps you to find your way or to get some information, they might ask for a tip. Even if you didn’t ask for help in the first place, but let them walk you somewhere, they will ask you for money. In the same way, when they pose for you and tell you to take a picture of them for example, or when they take a picture of you with their merchandise or animals, they will also ask you for money.
    In order to avoid uncomfortable situations, you should be aware of that. Most of the time if they do something from you it is because they expect in return a tip or to sell you something. Just remember that it is a population of merchants and you will be good.
    Medersa Ben Yousef Marrakech
  • Avoid following people that you don’t know. Even if they promis that it is close and that it is exactly the type of treasure you are looking for, they might actually bring you to a far and unknown place, where they will get mean if you refuse to buy something that you don’t want for an expensive price.
  • Learn how to say no: be firm and confident, but always with a smile and a nice word. After few hours (or days for the most patients) you will even stop responding to most of them. However for the more persistants (the big majority), just “keep cool and say no thanks”.
    Marrakech streets
  • If you get kind of trapped in a shop and somehow start a negotiation for something that you don’t even want (trust me, that happens and usually starts with “how much would you pay”), just offer a price ridiculously low for what it is. It can be hard to leave a store without being mean: most of the sellers insist a lot, even if you say that you don’t want it for any price at all. This astuce saved us a lot of time. Negotiation in Morocco is kind of the national sports and they like to play a lot.
    Marrakech souks
  • If at some point they ask you for a tip and it doesn’t seem fair to you, just laugh shake their hand and leave. Most of them try for trying and they won’t get mad at you for not being an idiot.

Marrakech by night


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