Marrakech: a Muslim city. What to expect?

The majority of the population in Marrakech is Muslim.
You will also find some Jewish and Christians but the are not many.

 ->   Mosque in Marrakech
-> Mosque in Marrakech

What does being in a “Muslim city” means?

Well the first thing that you will noticed pretty quickly; around 6am during your first day to be exact; is the calling for the prayer (Adhan). And it is a pretty loud calling. Several speakers, from the different mosques of the city, resonate with a Coran recitation.
There are several during the day in Marrakech:
– for sunrise: Fajr
– for lunch around 1:30pm : Dohr
– around 4:30pm: Asr
– around 7pm: Maghreb
– around 8pm: Isha

Here is an example of how it sounds like.

As for the mistakes to avoid, I would say:

  • Don’t step into a Mosque. There are only for “good muslims” and not open to tourists. There is only one that you might be able to visit in Marrakech. It is open on Sundays between 2 to 4pm and it is located close to the Majorelle garden (north of the city). Don’t forget to be fully covered to go including your hair for women.
  • As a woman, if you want to avoid insisting looks and comments, you better where cloths that cover your legs until under your knees, as well as you breast and shoulders. Try to avoid tight clothes since they are more revealing.
  • Couples, try to not show too much affection in public – especially physical one. Holding hands in the center in fine, hugging or kissing not so much. They might ask you to stop and tell you that sexe is at home and not in the streets…

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