The architectural beauty of Marrakech

Marrakech seem like a mish-mash of markets and the first thing that you see is probably close an anarchic assembly of building.
However, if you bother trying to find treasures, you won’t be disappointed.


From the Bahia Palaca to the Badji one there are lots to see.


MarrakechMoroccan building are like jewelry boxes. From the outside you just see pretty much a rectangle, bigger or smaller. But once you are inside, is becomes spectacular.
Every detail has been worked out.



The walls are decorated with colorful mosaic or carved to become a piece of art. The perfection and the meticulousness of the work are breath taking and creates an magical atmosphere.


The ceilings, usually made out of wood, are always very well decorated too.


The Medersa Ben Yousef is by far our favorite and its history is also interesting.
A Medersa is a koranic school. This one was founded during the 14th century and rebuilt -surprisingly- by Canadians in the 16th century.
For more information you can click here.

Medersa Ben Yousef Marrakech

Medersa Ben Youssef Marrakech


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